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Bear Swamp Falls
Winter view
Upper Bear Swamp
BEAR SWAMP BROOK (Bergen County, 15 feet) has two falls in its course to the Ramapo River in Mahwah. The first slides over a big rounded ledge into a shallow pool.    The second plunges through a cleft in the rock just upstream.   The Bear Swamp Falls can be found by walking up Bear Swamp Road about one mile from U.S. Route 202. The road is on county and state park lands, gated and closed to public traffic.

BUTTERCUP FALLS (Bergen County, 20-25 feet) is in Ramapo Reservation county park. The falls is easily reached via the wide trail from the park entrance.

Greensbrook Falls

Upper Greensbrook

GREENSBROOK FALLS (Bergen County, over 200 feet) is New Jersey's highest. It cascades, slides and free-falls down the face of the Palisades to the Hudson River. Very impressive after a rain, Greensbrook Falls can be glimpsed from the Shore Path, and where spanned by the Henry Hudson Parkway, about midway between the Englewood and Alpine Boat Basins in Palisades Interstate Park.

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