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Tumble Falls #1

Tumble Falls #2 (upper)

Tumble Falls #2 (upper)

Tumble Falls #2 (lower)

TUMBLE FALLS are on a series of creeks flowing to the Delaware River, visible from NJ Route 29 between Stockton and Frenchtown.  Just gurgling cascades in dry weather, these falls are powerful and spectacular in the Spring or after a rain.  Tumble #1 (20 feet) drops over a sheer cliff, and can best be reached by hiking down from the summit of Tumble Falls Road.  Tumble #2 lower (15 feet) is very near Rt. 29.  Tumble #2 upper (30+ feet) is awesome, crashing through high sandstone cliffs; not quite visible from the road, it is found by walking about 200 steep and slippery yards up the creek.

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