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VanCampen lower

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Van Campens Glen is truly a jewel, a cool green grotto in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  Van Campens Brook, a substantial and clear stream, runs under a canopy of hemlock, laurel and ferns.  There are two stunning falls in the glen.  The Lower Falls (15 feet) is a plunge over red sandstone ledges a couple hundred yards upstream from the parking area.  The Upper Falls (total 30 feet), a quarter mile further upstream, tumbles over a 10-foot cascade in a vertical canyon, then a right-angle turn over a 5 foot free-fall, a 10 foot free-fall alongside white limestone ledges, and finally a 5-foot slide into a deep, clear pool.

Van Campens Glen is on the Old Mine Road 9.5 miles north of the Delaware Water Gap.  There is a small parking area. A well-marked trail along the stream leads to the falls.

Laurel Falls consists of three dramatic slides on Sunfish Creek in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  Lower Laurel (15 feet) is a staight slide over a corrugated shale face.  Middle Laurel (30 feet) is the prettiest, a two- stepped slide from a gap in the rock over smooth, steep ledges.  Upper Laurel (total 30 feet) includes a series of cascades and slides.

Laurel Falls are within 1/4 mile up the William O. Douglas Trail from the Old Mine Road, 4.5 miles north of the Delaware Water Gap.

Lower Laurel Falls

Middle Laurel Falls

Big Tocks Creek In the spring or aftera good rain, several very prettty falls form along the Old Mine Road in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  Big Tocks Creek can be glimpsed about 6 miles north of the water gap.

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