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    Bounded by the Delaware River to the east and Susquehanna to the west, the Poconos of northeastern Pennsylvania consists of a broad plateau.  A thousand feet higher – and thus a few degrees cooler – than the surrounding region, the Poconos have long been a destination for  honeymooners and vacationers. 

   The wetlands and lakes of the plateau collect a lot of water, which tumbles down the sides in all directions, making for some of our biggest and most spectacular waterfalls.  Several of the falls have been commercial attractions, although only Bushkill Falls remains so.

    Much of the land in the Poconos is privately held by resort communities and hunting/fishing clubs, and public access to these areas is generally not permitted.  However, most of the best waterfalls are on public lands or at the roadside, and can be enjoyed by all


  Powderhole Falls
Luzerne County

  Great Falls of the Lehigh
  Luzerne County

Rattlesnake Falls
State Game Lands
Monroe County


Leavitt Falls
Skytop Resort
Monroe County

Indian Ladder Falls

  Upper Ladder Falls


Buck Hill Falls (lower)
Monroe County

  Buck Hill Falls (upper)
Monroe County

Marshalls Falls
Monroe County


Spruce Mountain Run
Monroe County

Paradise Falls
  Monroe County

Lees (Analomink) Falls
  Monroe County


  Resica Falls
Monroe County

Buttermilk Falls
Monroe County

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Waterfalls of the Mid-Atlantic States
Waterfalls of the
Mid-Atlantic States

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