Amicalola Waterfall in Amicalola Falls State Park Georgia, USA

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Amicalola WaterFalls, Georgia USA
Amicalola Falls, Georgia, USA (winter)
 These are photos of Amicalola Falls taken in mid December 2000. This is reputed to be the tallest falls east of the Mississippi River with a 729 foot total cascade.
    I will add a bit more description of location, characteristics, and several more photos in the next weeks and months as time permits.
    The day these photo were taken was the one clear day out of the whole week. It was right after one ice and snow storm, and the next day we were snowed into Atlanta for 2 days. Very unusual winter.
    If you see a place unlabeled or mis-labeled please let me know.

  Amicalola Falls, Georgia, Winter 2000. 729 feet
Almost the entire 729 feet of Amicalola Waterfall shows in this December 2000 picture. Only a small protion of the lower cascade is obscured by the trees.
    Upper portion of Amicalola Waterfall, Georgia, USA. Notice ice and snow.
Amicalola Waterfall, wintertime in Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia, USA. Notice ice and snow, and lack of leaves on the yellow poplar. This picture shows the upper portion of the falls.
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"The Waterfalls SiTe"
is a part of "The Nature SiTe"RN
( where anyone can have an internet site or email address in nature.)

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