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  Tallulah Gorge, Georgia and South Carolina, USA
 Tallulah Gorge South Carolina and Georgia, USA
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  Tallulah Gorge is about two miles long and over 900 feet deep and the river is the Georgia and South Carolina boundry. The river flow varies according to the release from the Georgia Power Company Dam upriver. There are various required flows and releases to maintain fish stocks, for aestetic value and recreational value. These pictures were taken during a two day period of aestetic relase of about 200 cubic feet per second. There are whitewater releases of several times that flow at certain times of the year. Obviously the waterfalls in the gorge will look quite differently at each of the flow levels.
NOTE: These pictures are from (relatively poor) video captures. I will replace them with higher quality scans from negatives in the near future. Also, add some more narative and photos.
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  Tallula Gorge, Georgia
Tallula Gorge looking north west from Tallulah Point Overlook.
  Waterfalls in Tallula Gorge, Georgia
Waterfalls in Tallulah Gorge between Georgia and South Carolina, USA.


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