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Waterfalls pictures and a few short descriptions of waterfalls from Denali National Park in Alaska to the opposite corner of the continent where there are really natural waterfalls in Florida.   Many of these waterfall photograhs are in the back country and of un-named waterfalls, especially in Alaska, however there are also some pretty well known waterfalls here.

These photos were taken as I was hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and traveling throughout the west from Alaska to Baja, Mexico, and the east from New Brunswick, Canada to Florida. I haven't been much in the midwest so don't have pictures other than those already posted in the Ozarks.

A few locations are of cascades and in one case actually a rapids that is called a falls. They are included for fun as they are interesting shots.

 Waterfalls from Alaska to Florida 

 Kayaker's Waterfalls and Cascades SiTe 

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Waterfalls and Cascades
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 View waterfalls around Alaska from Juneau to Denali
Southeast USA, Georgia waterfalls.   And has at least one natural waterfall.

Falls around the US Pacific Northwest
Oregon, Washington
Falls in the US Midwest

In the US Rocky Mountains
Canada waterfalls. Remember the old Canadian $5 bill. See the actual falls.
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   I will be adding not only more photos of waterfalls, cascades, and rapids in many additional locations, but also text and more information about these falls, hopefully in the near future.
      I have thousands of photographs, but only recentlly have I been digitizing them, as some of you know it takesa lot of time. These photos are of wildlife, birds, and scenery (in addition to the waterfalls) around North America. In the last decade or so I have also collected video of some of these waterfalls (and everything else) which I may start adding to these sites also. Some of these photos can be seen on other parts of please visit them If you would like to see photos of a specific subject or use any for your sites or publications please use the contact form, there is a link above and at the top of the page.
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