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These are waterfalls, cascades, and the like were photographed from the winter 2000 through spring 2003 during visits to Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains, and central Georgia on the drive north from Florida to the mountains.

 Most of these pages have photographs with only captions or very short descriptions.  The Florida waterfall has more description of the site and fall itself.  As far as I can tell this is the only place on the web that has pictures of the Florida waterfalls that are not man made, i.e. natural.

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Waterfalls and Cascades
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 The only natural waterfall in Florida.  
   Amicalola Waterfall, Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia, USA Amicalola Falls
in North Central Georgia, one of the highest falls east of the Rockies.
   Upper portion of Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia, USA Anna Ruby Falls, near Umocoi State Park, Northeast Georgia
   Hemlock Falls, near Moccasin Creek State Park, Northeast Georgia
   Ada-Hi Falls, Black Rock Mt. State Park, Northeast Georgia

  Tallulah Gorge - almost 1000 feet deep, with a whitewater river and falls.

HighFalls, Central Georgia
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