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      I have only found one natural waterfall of any size in Florida. A number of small falls all much less than 50 ft., exist in some of the sink holes around Gainsville.  There are also several man made waterfalls at some of the theme parks and gardens around the state. 
      The photos on this page are of the waterfall at Falling Waters State Park in north western Florida. The waterfall is the outlet stream from a nearby pond tumbling into a sink hole. The sink hold is about twenty feet in diameter and 100 feet deep. Over the last century or more about 8 feet of debris has filled the bottom. The lip of the waterfall is below the rim level resulting in a total drop of about 67 feet. Water disappears out of the bottom of the sink hole into the underlying formations. The destination of this water has not yet been determined.
      There is hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, and other activities at the park. A humming bird garden is at the start of the trail to the falls. And there is a self guiding nature trail through area of about a dozen sink holes.

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  Top of sink hole and waterfall

Looking about 18 ft. across the top of the sink hole at the falls. This picture was taken near the end of a dry summer three years into a drought, not much water.  The creek is the outflow of a pond about a quarter mile north. There are about a dozen sink holes in the area, some very large.  At various times in the past 150 years the falls were used to provide energy for a mill and other industrky.  There is a stairway down to a viewing platform about 20 feet below the sink hole rim.

 67 foot waterfall from top to bottom of sink hole

The only natural waterfall in Florida. The sink hole is  close to 100 feet from the rim in the woods to the bottom of the formation.  The stream lip is below the rim and debris at the bottom of the sink hole shortens the total fall to about 67 feet.
The falls is one stop along a self guided nature trail through the sink hole area of Falling Waters State Park in Florida.

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