Waterfalls and Cascades

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Waterfalls in the Anchorage, Alaska area.


More Anchorage area waterfalls along the Crow Pass to Eagle River trail.




Eagle River is in a 25 mile valley to the north east of downtown Anchorage. It starts at a glacier and has numerous creeks tumbling from the snow fields in the mountains above the river.

Falls on South Fork Eagle River

This and Sourth Fork Falls above are just two of the dozens of falls in Eagle River valley.


Heading south along Turnagain Arm are many falls coming down the side of this fjord. Most along the highway are relatively small and almost disappear to a trickle without rainfall. McHugh Creek is one relatively constant falls.

A number of creeks can be found in Glacier Valley the town of Girdwood and Alyeska Ski Resort. A two mile trail from the base of Mt. Alyeska leads to Winner Creek Gorge through beautiful Conifer forests.


View waterfalls along the Crow Pass to Eagle River trail.


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